UKbride Member Request 29 Aug 2017

Can anyone recommend where I could get bridesmaid dressss from online. I'm...

Can anyone recommend where I could get bridesmaid dressss from online. I'm looking to spend a maximum of about £150 (less would be great) and would ideally like floor length dresses. I'm struggling to find any I like on the high street but I'm wary about purchasing online as you hear so many horror stories. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks x

Elizabeth Tooke
Elizabeth Tooke 29 Aug 2017

I got mine from coco melody and extremely happy with them. Happy shopping. xxx

E Wilson
E Wilson 29 Aug 2017

Chi chi london

Katie Beer
Katie Beer 29 Aug 2017

I've just ordered ones from very, lovely quality, under £100 and easy to send back.

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 29 Aug 2017

Have a look at ASOS, TFNC, Little Mistress and Chi Chi London x

Emma Bone
Emma Bone 30 Aug 2017

I'm going to buy from jjshouse my friends in the past have bought from here and they do some lovely things.

Leanne Ginty
Leanne Ginty 31 Aug 2017


Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 1 Sep 2017

I got mine from prices aren't too bad and I have received the dresses and they are gorgeous! The only thing I would be careful with when ordering from here is that their sizing comes up small - so be cautious about what size you order for your girls!

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 4 Sep 2017


Samantha A
Samantha A 6 Sep 2017

Mix bridal


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