Corey Hartley
Corey Hartley 29 Aug 2017

I found my dream dress - however it's a little pricey and I would have to...

I found my dream dress - however it's a little pricey and I would have to fly to Italy to collect. I really don't know where to begin in finding a cheaper make of it. I'm not even sure what the style of it is. Can anybody help me? Please?

Corey Hartley
Corey Hartley 29 Aug 2017

I'm really struggling with planning this wedding, as my mum recently passed away and its difficult without her.

Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor 29 Aug 2017

Sorry to hear of your loss, planning a wedding can be so exciting but it also really makes you realise the people that you are missing the most. In regards to the dress, where have you seen it? Magazine? Online? See if it has a description and try searching online with a similar description. I went dress shopping the other day and thought I knew exactly what I wanted ... I came away loving something completely different so my other suggestion would be to go to some shops and try them on. You need to see how the dress makes you feel and how it feels on you. The dress I thought I loved actually irritated my skin and I ended up with red raw shoulders - and that's something I certainly don't want on my wedding day. Good luck x

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 29 Aug 2017

Sorry to hear about your mum. Where have you seen the dream dress and have you tried that style on? Sometimes they don't quite live upto expectation and you might find when trying on you like something completely different x

Dianne Few
Dianne Few 2 Sep 2017

I was sorry to hear about your loss and amid all the excitement of planning your big day you are bound to miss her guiding presence a lot. Do you have an aunt or a close friend you can take with you when you try dresses on? My mum passed 7 years ago and I still missed her dreadfully when I bought my dress going back with a friend to get a second opinion has reaffirmed that I made the right choice. This is my second wedding as I was widowed 6 years ago and I had very definite ideas for the kind of dress I wanted even like you falling for what I would have described as my dream dress. But when I tried it on I couldn't get it off quickly enough it was a stunning dress just didn't make me look or feel stunning, so please take a pal make an appointment and have a bit of dressing up fun before you think about going to Italy for this dream dress.

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 2 Sep 2017

Is it something you have managed to try on? If not I would recommend going to a bridal boutique to try on similar style dresses to see if it suits you. I have just brought my dress today but it is the exact opposite of what I thought I wanted! I used to be a wedding coordinator and I have never met a bride who has gone with the dress they were sure they wanted. I went to a place called townhouse bridal just outside of st Neots and they only sell discounted/sample sale dresses but they all designer dresses but none cost more than £650.00. Maybe you can see if there is anything like that near you?


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