Roberts Janet
Toni Bennett 27 Aug 2017

Hi everyone, My brother and his fiance are getting married in Warrington in...

Hi everyone, My brother and his fiance are getting married in Warrington in October and they have a pink n white theme. My fiance's going to wear something white (he's already spoken to my brother and his fiance about it and they are fine as they know that my fiance will not wear anything pink). My brother's fiance has asked me to be his bridesmaid and I have agreed to be his bridesmaid, but I haven't got a clue as to where to look for a nice pink dress n some nice pink shoes as I'm a size 6 in shoes and depending on the type and make of the dress I can wear either a size 20 or 22. I'm not looking for a floor length dress as I don't like them as I'm only 5'1 and floor length skirts and dresses make me look tiny. I prefer a nice knee length dress. I have a knee length dress already, but it's the wrong colour as my dress is black with white dots on it. Where would be the best place to look as it took me n my fiance looking in two charity shops last month just to find us both something for his twin sister's wedding.

Tamara Reynolds
Tamara Reynolds 28 Aug 2017

Ebay tends to have some really nice dresses, my sister got married a few months ago and got her bridesmaid dresses on there and they were stunning, I am plus size and so we're some other bridesmaids and they fit perfectly! The quality was really good too and didn't break the bank either! Good luck finding a dress and shoes

Katie Beer
Katie Beer 28 Aug 2017

Lindy bop have some lovely dresses on their site, Boohoo too have some pretty dresses in the curve section. Good luck.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 28 Aug 2017

What about chatting to the Bride?
It sounds like they have pretty much given you carte blanche which is great. Try on-line. Also

Rebecca Ryan
Rebecca Ryan 28 Aug 2017

Asia have some lovely dresses and also simplybe I got my bridesmaid dresses from there

Toni Grant
Toni Grant 30 Aug 2017

Pretty Kitty do some pretty rockabilly swing dresses x


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