Sophie Kemp
Sophie Kemp 27 Aug 2017

Going dress shopping on Wednesday. Anybody got any advice?

Going dress shopping on Wednesday. Anybody got any advice?

E Wilson
E Wilson 27 Aug 2017

If you plan to wear heels on the day take some heels to try on with the dresses

Shani Murray
Shani Murray 27 Aug 2017

How exciting! For me personally, i was told you will know when the dress is "the one". I wore a strapless bra to get the full effect. A friend told me to try on all different styles to see what suited my shape (i knew i wanted ball gown). I pulled out about 8 different dresses and kept the ones i liked and got rid of the ones i didnt. I whittled it down to two different dresses and asked the lady to write down the codes of the dresses so i could go back. I kept searching and found "the dress" lol. Good luck and have fun! Xx

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 27 Aug 2017

I went yesterday. Def take a strapless bra. I was pretty ruthless and didn't like loads but I did try different styles on. My consultant picked mine out of the window and it's the one I went with! It's always a style I wanted but didn't think I'd get away with but it looked the best x

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 27 Aug 2017

I haven't been yet but the things my married friends have told me are:
1. Take shoes a similar height to the ones you plan to wear
2. Wear a strapless bra and knickers that you don't mind someone seeing
3. Try on different shapes to see what suits you - you might be surprised at what makes your figure look the best
4. Listen to the consultant if they're suggesting something that may look better - it's quite literally their job to know what looks good on different bodies.
And most importantly...
5. Enjoy it! Don't feel pressured to buy something then and there, come back if you need to and don't get upset if you don't find 'the one' straight away.
Good luck! X

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 27 Aug 2017

H try on different styles then you will know what style really suits :)

Zoe Atkins
Zoe Atkins 29 Aug 2017

Think about how you want to feel in your dress - giving your consultant adjectives about how you want to feel and the impression you want to give your fiancé and guests will help them pull suitable gowns for you (I used to be a consultant in bridalwear).


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