UKbride Member Request 26 Aug 2017

Ok, so 4 years ago just as I was having our son my partner was cheating on...

Ok, so 4 years ago just as I was having our son my partner was cheating on me with a girl 3 years younger than him, he took her on day trips to places he took me. I choose to forgive him for my son and we have been amazing since, he asked me to marry him in Feb this year we have been together 12 years, I said yes and we are due to marry march 28 2019. Recently I have been thinking maybe he is at it again, I found out he has been watching porn welts at work ( he is a hgv driver). hes not giving me any reason to think he's cheating it's just the porn watching that's made me think he's up to no good again. I don't no weather I'm going through a bad patch as I have gained a stone and fill rubbish or I'm right to be felling like this?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 26 Aug 2017

Hi I think if you don't trust him them you should not be marrying him :)

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 26 Aug 2017

Would he marry you if he was going to cheap again? Don't beat your self up about gaining a stone! Have talk to him tell him how you fill and see if your head is in a different place. (Hugs)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 26 Aug 2017

You need to talk. No point in going ahead if you can't do that. Hope it works out and you feel happier soon.

Amanda Cosgrove
Amanda Cosgrove 27 Aug 2017

I would talk to him and see if he is cheating or maybe he just likes watching it weight can be lost and love yourself x

Emily Vincent
Emily V 30 Aug 2017

I would approach him about it. I found out my OH was watching porn when i was very unwell and unable to satisfy him shall we say. He was hiding it from me, using a different browser etc. I asked him about it and he was just embarrassed to tell me. nothing more sinister. He still hides it but is less ashamed now we have spoken about it.

Chloe Peters
Chloe Peters 6 Sep 2017

I really do sympathize, its an awful thing to go through when you've found out that someone has cheated on you, it always lingers in the back of your mind. But I really think, if he has proposed & wants to marry you, he wouldnt be cheating on you. As for the porn thing, I think its just a man thing. I used to really beat myself up over my OH watching porn, but at the end of the day its just, well porn! If I find it on the laptop, I just end up taking the mickey out of him now! "ooh like yourself some dirty girls do you?!?" But really the best thing is to sit down & talk, get it all out in the open. If youre still having serious doubts about your fiance, maybe you need to reconsider your life choices, sorry that sounds brutal. good luck chicken xx


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