Victoria Young
Victoria Young 26 Aug 2017

Wanting to slap my partner! Trying to look at places, ideas, photos etc...

Wanting to slap my partner! Trying to look at places, ideas, photos etc but not actually booking yet. We are wanting a very scaled down, simple wedding. Unfortunately when you mention the word "wedding" prices skyrocket! It's ridiculous! I don't want the whole hoo ha, meal, favours, decorations etc. But just looking and he rolls his eyes and laughs. Can I slap him?! It's hard enough searching for the ideal place never mind any bits we want added. Any tips on how to deal with a partner that seems to take it lightheartedly?

Leah Moore
Leah Moore 26 Aug 2017

Get married abroad!!! Soooo much cheaper!

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 26 Aug 2017

I think the men have no idea of how much can be involved or what the costs are. It may all sound ridiculous to him. What about asking him if he would rather do a simple cheaper affair with you and two witnesses and when he realises that he wants his friends there he can start to see the costs. Then perhaps ask what he would like to see for the reception and do the same. That way he may start to see that what you are wanting is not so bad and you can come to some agreement. I agree about the word 'wedding' pushing up the price. I initially told suppliers we were having an 'event' and then afterwards told them it was a simple wedding.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 26 Aug 2017

Hi I felt like that at the start of the planning as my Fiance is so laid back. but when he decides he wants to do something it's sorted in no time at all. So I have learned to go with the flow :)

Amanda Cosgrove
Amanda Cosgrove 27 Aug 2017

Hi Victoria my h2b doesn't take anything serious so I just plan with my mum and daughter x


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