UKbride Member Request 26 Aug 2017

I have recently chosen my bridesmaid dresses. All of my bridesmaids love the...

I have recently chosen my bridesmaid dresses. All of my bridesmaids love the dress. When one of my bridesmaids, who is a bigger size than the others, tried the dress on she got very upset and shouted at me about the size I had ordered for her despite it being the size she told me she is - it fit her and looked lovely but she won't wear it because of the size. She has asked me to order her a dress 2 sizes smaller and said she will lose weight for the wedding, which isn't that far away. I have said about getting it altered closer to the wedding but she interpreted this as me implying she won't lose any weight. I don't care what size my bridesmaids are - I just want the dresses to fit them right. Has anyone had a similar situation and what did you do?

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 26 Aug 2017

Yes! I have a size 10 and a size 18 bridesmaid. I found the perfect dresses in the same £79 I though il grab them. Said look girls I have a size 10 and a size 18 the size 18 said she is shedding for the wedding so will not be a 18 so I have had to hold off buying the dresses as a bargin price 😡.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 26 Aug 2017

As a size 18 myself (with the added problem of extra large boobs that on tops takes me to a size 24) I am sure your friend is just being sensitive about her weight. Maybe revisit it with her when you are on your own with her and tell her that you don't want her to be under any pressure to lose weight as you love her the way she is, as her, and if you get the size 18 dress you can (as you have said before) easily have it taken in before the wedding but if you buy smaller then it will put her under pressure and you just want her to be happy.

Emily Vincent
Emily V 30 Aug 2017

If the dress is easily altered I would just emphasise this to her and make it clear you dont mind getting any alterations done. She might just be being a little self conscious if she is the biggest of your girls. It doesnt mean you love and respect her any different though. Maybe remind her of that.

Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 3 Sep 2017

I lost out on my dream BMaid dresses due to one being picky so ordered my second choice, she still had "size issues" and we paid to gave it altered because she's refused to help herself. It's your day abs your choice. Sometimes it's tough Love....and if she doesn't comply maybe you need to read her riot act about divaish behaviour x

Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 3 Sep 2017

Excuse typing errors lol


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