UKbride Member Request 23 Aug 2017

Hi, recently engaged and in the full flow of wedding planning! I work in a...

Hi, recently engaged and in the full flow of wedding planning! I work in a very busy office and people I have only spoken to once or twice keep coming up to me and saying they can't wait to be there on my wedding day.. I didn't think I would be inviting anyone apart from the people in my actual office to the wedding - and that would only be the night. I feel so awkward telling them they aren't invited but I'm just worried that if word gets around where it is and what time that they whole office will show up uninvited.. any help? Thank you

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Aug 2017

For my work branch I just made this more clear with the invitation saying evening reception. And that day guests are immediate family and close friends xx

Kelly McCall
Kelly McCall 23 Aug 2017

Just be polite but truthful otherwise you'll have exactly what you don't want people turning up uninvited and you having to cater for them xx

Lindsay Coombes
Lindsay Coombes 23 Aug 2017

I wouldn't worry alot say it but have no intention of pitching up. I invited my whole office to the evening no one actually came it just meant more prosecco for my actual loved ones!!! I would just bat of the remarks and invite as you want x

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Aug 2017

I would literally smile sweetly and say the guest list is still being decided due to venue capacity. I had a couple of people say that - needless to say they're not getting invited! I'm not having people there who invite themselves!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 23 Aug 2017

Hi just say due to lack of funds they will not be invited :)

Jayne Young
Jayne Young 23 Aug 2017

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would never turn up to a wedding uninvited, it's just rude! So please don't worry about this. You don't need to say anything that will make you feel awkward right now, just give out the invites you want to when the time comes, then they'll know who's invited and who's not!

Emma Bonnar
Emma Bonnar 25 Aug 2017

I'm not inviting anyone from work as I don't see them away from the office. I have a huge family and a close knit group of friends who I would prefer to be there. Also my office has 150 people in it and we work across different teams so just scrapped them all as didn't want the well she has invited her and not me so no one is the easier option x


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