UKbride Member Request 22 Aug 2017

Decided to cancel my trying dress appointment at the weekend. So unhappy...

Decided to cancel my trying dress appointment at the weekend. So unhappy with my figure and just can't cope with it. Ages before my wedding so I don't need to rush

Kerry A
Kerry A 23 Aug 2017

I almost cancelled my appointment for my dress as I am unhappy with my figure still have my baby belly after giving birth 12 weeks ago, my friend convinced me to go. I Am so glad She did because I have found the
Perfect dress for me and now I don't really care about my figure as I felt amazing in my dress hope you do too

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 23 Aug 2017

Hi I feel the same I need to lose over a stone as I was on a wheat and gluten free diet but the Doctors don't tell you they are packed with sugar and fat :)

Andrea Tron
Andrea Tron 23 Aug 2017

I'm having my first 'trying on stage' this weekend. I'm 4 sizes bigger than my target so I know i won't be 100% happy, but I'm still using it to get an idea of necklines etc. I can then keep looking online for the right style, and try on again in a few months after my c9 and F15 plans.

Lucy - going gluten free usually helps people lose weight as they're eating less sugar from not eating al the cakes, white bread and white pasta etc

You don't need to substitute gluten free equivalents, just change to things that are naturally gluten free and you'll find it far healthier.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Aug 2017

Maybe trying a dress on will give you a push to lose weight.

Nikki Hatton
Nikki Hatton 23 Aug 2017

I totally understand, my baby is 7 months old and I'm worrying il never be happy in what I chose. But maybe going just to have a look will give you the excitement and drive to get yourself to a happy place. Good luck

Hollie Clifford
Holly Clifford 23 Aug 2017

Well I'm not getting married until 2020 went to try dresses on for style came out with my wedding dress. It'll probably need altering when it comes to my big day but it's all good aha x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 23 Aug 2017

I couldn't face the hassle of a wedding dress shop so bought on-line from Debenhams. Love the dress and was happy to be able to try it on at home in the knowledge that I could return it if I was unhappy. Lucy, I have lost a stone in weight in the last 8 weeks by using Bootea from Holland & Barrett and cutting carbs (I don't eat many but it did make a difference). I also start the day with an egg as it stops you getting hungry too early.

UKbride Administrator
UKbride Administrator 23 Aug 2017

Ive just lost a stone on slimming world my fiance has lost 2 stone I highly recommend it x

Emma Bonnar
Emma Bonnar 27 Aug 2017

It depends on the style you get I tried a few dresses on and some looked bloody awful (I'm a size 16) then I tried the one on and it looked perfect and I felt lovely in it and not overweight. My mum has seamstress skills so if do loose a bit of weight in the next 10 months I avoid the high alterations costs as she can take it in x

Charlotte Turner
Charlotte Turner 27 Aug 2017

I'm really self conscious! If I go shopping for clothes I'm awful!! As soon as I put the dresses on I felt amazing, felt big in some, but my dress fits me in all the right places and I literally feel amazing!! I was so worried like you but it was such a lovely experience x


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