UKbride Member Request 22 Aug 2017

Hello everyone. I'm not getting married until 2020, but just wanted to ask a...

Hello everyone. I'm not getting married until 2020, but just wanted to ask a couple of questions ????. I don't have a dad or anyone to walk me down the isle, but what I was wondering is if anyone has had there young child walk down with them? My little girl will be 4 1/2 by the time me and her dad get married, so I want her to be a big part of it and liked the idea of the two of us walking down to meet her Daddy together. Has anyone done this? What do people think? I was originally going to have her as my flower girl, but thought this might be nicer. Also we are not having a wedding breakfast, we have decided on a later wedding straight into the evening. People who have done this did you still do wedding favours? If so any ideas on what would be nice? We are trying to do everything on a small budget but obviously still want it to be as nice as possible. Last but not least, how early did people book wedding venues/try on wedding dresses before the big day? We have looked at a couple of places but are not sure if we are doing it to early, and I have no idea what type of dress I want so don't know when's best to start as don't want to start to early but also don't want to leave it to late that I start panicking! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance x

Samantha A
Samantha A 22 Aug 2017

I think that is a lovely idea.
I do not think you have to stick to any script or tradition and if it means alot to you go for it.
I do not have a dad to walk me down the aisle and have two brother who I could not choose from so I am being taken by both. It makes me happy and that is what matters. X

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 22 Aug 2017

I think it is so beautiful of you to have your daughter walk down the aisle with you.

Pat Parry
Pat Parry 22 Aug 2017

I lost my Dad early this year so my son (will be 17) going to walk me down the aisle next year.
We are also having a late afternoon ceremony so not having sit down meal either.
Go for whatever feels right for you and that goes for booking and shopping too. x

Alison Jarvis
Alison Jarvis 23 Aug 2017

I think it's a lovely idea to have your little girl walk you down the isle, I'm thinking of asking my sons.
I'm also having a late wedding and I'm not doing wedding favours but having coasters made (from Amazon) thanking people for coming.
Venues are taking bookings for 2020 so you can search for one at anytime.
If you want to have a wedding dress made you'd need to order it and it can take a minimum of 9 months for delivery, but you can purchase one off the peg or a sample dress at anytime
I hope this helps but no matter what you decide have fun planning your special day


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