Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 21 Aug 2017

Has anyone got an ideas how to ask my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids any...

Has anyone got an ideas how to ask my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids any pictures of any special boxes I can make up? :D

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 21 Aug 2017

Hi don't make a fuss just ask them :)

Lucy Robinson
Lucy Robinson 22 Aug 2017

Look on Pinterest, there's a few good ideas. I'm making a little fuss, I can't wait to ask my bridesmaids :) x

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 22 Aug 2017

I think boxes are a lovely idea. I did just ask mine as I was so excited on getting engaged after 10 years x

UKbride Member 22 Aug 2017

I sent them books on how to be a bridesmaid was funny and shocked them.xx

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 22 Aug 2017

Why complicate things? Just ask them face to face or call them.

Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 22 Aug 2017

i want to make some nice boxes to surprise them make it more special then just asking them :)

Katie Norton
Katie Norton 22 Aug 2017

My sister made me and her other bridesmaid a little box full of bits and bobs like a face mask, note book, pen etc along with a poem. The box had a picture of the two of us on top! It was lovely and didn't cost her much as she made them herself. It was perfect and beautiful 😊

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 22 Aug 2017

I sent a photo book to ask one of my oldest friends with loads of pictures of us over th years and made a little rhyme asking her to be my MOH. You can make them online and you can get small ones that aren't that expensive

Amy B
Amy B 23 Aug 2017

Laura, if you want to ask your bridesmaids in a special way, then you should! Some comments on here an 1) unhelpful 2) rude 3) not needed. You could organise a pamper night, get some nice wine in and get them all personalised wine glasses with "bridesmaid" on them... as a surprise!

Emma Pearson
Emma Pearson 29 Aug 2017

I bought some white boxes from clintons and personalised a card for them. I've got them each a little mirror and thinking of getting them each some fizz, glass and pamper things. Keep an eye on how much you spend though as it soon can add up 😊


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