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The Big Day Body Plan was established in 2014 to help Brides avoid the disappointment of fad dieting, and instead, achieve real results in a way that is healthy, sustainable and lasts far beyond your wedding day. Our 12-Week Accelerator is our most popular plan. It offers Brides the main components of our 1-2-1 service at a much more cost-effective price. Not only that, but you retain lifetime access to all the workouts and the app when your 12 weeks finishes. Our experience has taught us that most Brides dislike the gym or find it intimidating. For that reason, all our plans can be completed from home, without any equipment, and still help you achieve amazing results. Unlike the mainstream diets you will have tried before, our approach to food focuses on the ONLY way to lose weight and teaches you exactly how that works. That way, you always know how to manage your weight, even after the plan is finished. Struggle for motivation? Almost every Brides we've helped before you has. That's why our 12-Week Plan includes gentle reminders of what you need to be focusing on to stay on track and provides you with an easy-to-use results tracking system For full info about the plan, visit:

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Top Wedding Tips

Look after yourself during this stressful time. Whilst worrying about everyone else, it's easy to forget about yourself.

Start early to avoid panic and making bad decision. Brides have often come to me for help with only weeks remaining before their wedding. Start early for better, easier results.

Get help. This is a journey you can absolutely do by yourself. But it often leads to confusion, frustration and a lack of results. Get some help, at a very reasonable price and you won't regret it.


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Here is a selection of video testimonials from Brides I have personally worked with in the run-up to their wedding day.


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UKbride Approved Supplier

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Big Day Body Plan

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Meet the Owner

Image of Key Person Matt Robinson
Matt Robinson

My name is Matt Robinson. Since 2014, I have personally helped 100’s of brides feel amazing on their wedding day. Before working with me, each bride felt completely stressed about shopping for, and wearing, their wedding dress – but all of them went on to achieve, what I call, their ‘Big Day Body’. Each one of those brides now has a proven system for keeping those results and is no longer at the mercy of the diet industry. More importantly, each and every one of them has wedding photos they adore and look back on with pride ...When in reality, many of them could have been in completely the opposite position, had they not decided to act. While I’m now surrounded by the world of brides, weddings, and body wasn’t always like this. See, back in 2013 I found myself working as a Personal Trainer and having the privilege of working with five brides-to-be all around the same time. Each one of them was stuck, stressed out and didn’t know what to do. They’d tried all the diets under the sun between them, but none of them had worked in delivering the specific results brides are looking for. I couldn’t believe how much pressure some of these brides felt as they got closer to their dress fittings and wedding dates. In fact, it got so bad for a couple of the brides that they had turned to some quite extreme methods, in their attempt to lose weight and feel ‘wedding-ready’. It was then I realised that brides are being taken for a ride by the diet and weight loss industry. Their sheer desire and determination to reach their result made them prime-pickings for fads and quick-fixes that didn’t deliver the results brides really want. In many cases, the brides were just left in an utter state of confusion. It was then I knew I needed to find a different approach to exercise and weight loss that worked specifically for brides. Something that got results in time for their dress fittings, but in a sustainable way that allowed them to keep going right up until their wedding d