Cake Topper in Leek

Covering Abbey Green, Allgreave, Alstonefield, Bagnall, Basford Green, Birchall, Blackshaw Moor, Blackwood Hill, Blakeley Lane, Blakelow, Bottom House, Bradnop, Bradshaw, Brown Edge, Butterton, Cauldon, Cheddleton, Cheddleton Heath, Coltstone, Consall, Cowall Moor, Danebridge, Denford, Ecton, Endon, Ford, Foxt, Froghall, Gratton, Greenhead, Grindon, Harper's Gate, Hazlecross, Hillsdale, Hollins, Hopedale, Horton, Hulme End, Ipstones, Kingsley, Kingsley Holt, Kingsley Moor, Lask Edge, Leekbrook, Longsdon, Lower Elkstone, Meerbrook, Mixon, Moneystone, Moorend, Morridge Side, Onecote, Poolend, Rownall, Rudyard, Shawfield, Stanley, Stanley Moor, Stanley Moss, Stanshope, Stockton Brook, Thorncliffe, Tompkin, Upper Cotton, Upper Elkstone, Upper Hulme, Warslow, Waterfall, Waterhouses, Wetley Rocks, Wetton, Whiston, Windy Harbour and Winkhill

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