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Your Wedding Gone Social!

Love it or hate it, social media has become a huge part of many weddings. From planning, networking, researching and budgeting. As a result you can virtually organise the whole affair on your smart phone!

On the other hand with this comes the presence of our phones at every part of the day. You can document your photos. Have your vows streamed live. Even send your first kiss around the world in minutes. Social media has given couples the chance to create a scrapbook of their special day from the eyes of every guest! 


Almost every social media site uses hashtags now. A way to highlight a post or image and make content easier to find. A wedding hashtag is great for using on the big day. It means that you, your partners and your guests can easily find any images and videos taken!

If you are struggling to come up with your own special trademark we have come up with a few to give you a bit of inspiration!

There is some fantastic ways to incorporate this into your day so make sure your guests know about it. Add it in the wedding program, or menus or even napkins! It might also be nice to add a little note on how you’d like the hashtag to be used!

Customisable Instagram frames are available for the guests to post with or signs explaining how it works can be purchased on Ebay or Etsy 


If you want to get super high-tech, the guys at weddinghashtagwall can set up a personalised URL for you to stream at the reception. Every photo taken and posted with your hashtag will be uploaded. All you need is a television or projector with a browser. Then your personalised social media stream of the day is up for all to enjoy!


  1. Set some boundaries. It is fantastic to have a team of snap happy friends BUT do not let their pics come at the expense of any formal photography or videography. For example the photographer doesn’t want to have every photo eclipsed by an Iphone X in the frame of those special moments.  Consider asking guests to pop those phones away during the service.
  2. Get those selfies in! The day goes by in a whirlwind! Grab your guests as you see them in short you make sure YOU grab the snaps you want!
  3. To sum up, do what is right for you! Social media is still so new in the presence of wedding ceremonies. If you want the day on your IG stories, are planning a Snapchat Filter or would prefer the whole day to be unplugged. That is TOTALLY down to you!