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A Post-Wedding To-Do List



Once everything is settled down, you’ve experienced the best day of your life and you’ve been on a honeymoon of a lifetime, you may experience wedding blues. It’s super stressful planning a wedding, but you can’t help feeling upset that it’s all over.

Well, if you want a few wedding jobs after everything’s over; fear not! There are still post-wedding bits and bobs to do.

Thank You Notes/Letters

This doesn’t have to be much and it doesn’t have to be to everyone who attended. It’s just nice to send out a small thank you note perhaps to your closest family or those who brought gifts. It might be worth asking for these when you buy the rest of your stationery if you have a professional stationer – it’s good to keep a theme throughout.

The Dress

There are loads of things you can do with your dress post-wedding. The most popular option is to get it cleaned and preserved. You don’t have to get it professionally cleaned, but when you do take it out of the closet five years later, you don’t want to see or smell stale champagne and sweat stains.

Alternatively, you could opt for a ‘Trash the Dress’ photoshoot. This is less appealing because, as the name suggests, your dress may get ruined. However, you get lasting memories and some more amazing photos for the photo album. Perhaps go go-karting with your husband in your wedding gear or throw paint or swim in the sea. It’s so much fun and what will you use your dress for anyway when it’s sat in the attic?

Return Unwanted Gifts

There will always be a few not-exactly-your-style gifts. Even if you have an online gift list, some great aunts or distant grannies won’t know how to use the ‘interweb’ and buy you something a little random. Weddings are expensive, so don’t feel bad returning them. Just make sure you do it sooner rather than later or you may go past the return date.

Buy Wanted Gifts

If you did have a gift list, and some items on here still haven’t been bought, use the money from your returned unwanted gifts to buy something of value to you. If you’re worried about that aunt who will say ‘where’s that beautiful teapot I bought you for your wedding,’ or ‘why do you never where the wedding clogs I got you,’ you can tell them the truth.

Say it was very kind of them but not your style, so you returned the gift and bought this instead. Having something physical to show them will say that their efforts were still valued.

Legally Change Your Name

This can be a headache, but save yourself future headaches by sitting down and changing your name legally on all of your necessary legal documents post-wedding (driving license, passport, insurance etc).

Order Your Photos and Wedding Album

The most exciting part; relive your wedding all over again! Order a photo album and don’t scrimp and save; in the years to come, you want to look through the photos of your day in something special. This may already be included in your photography package so double check.

If you had a videographer too, make sure to order DVDs. This is a really special way to relive your day, hearing the laughs, chats and looks of awe from your guests, bringing everything back to life.