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Wedding Makeup: How to Get Fuller Lips for Your Wedding

You May Now Kiss the Bride!

From kissing your newly-wed to posing for photos and sipping on Prosecco, your lips will be in high demand on your wedding day. Brides are no longer opting for barely-there makeup and a conservative up do – 2018’s brides are showing there is much more fun to be had. Big, bold lips are here to stay and we couldn’t be more excited for those bells to chime. We’ve partnered with Transform to hand-pick the best trends of 2018 to give you some great wedding makeup ideas and, most importantly, to make your lips POP…

Kiss the bride with Transform.
Kiss the bride with Transform.
1 Bold red

From vintage red to 80s cherry and vampy maroons, red lips are a go-to evening look. What we didn’t expect, is for brides to be rocking down the aisle with such a bold shade…but it works! Pair yours with natural eyes and minimal contouring to let those Madonna lips do the talking. Top tip? Use a traditional bullet lipstick for maximum effect. For the ultimate red lip staying power, use blotting papers between applications to set each layer of lipstick. Then, add a swipe of lip balm to keep your pout moisturised. The bolder, the better! Who knew red could be the perfect wedding lipstick?

2 Glass effect

Brides have always been supporters of the matte lip, but in 2018, we’ll see more makeup artists layering up lip gloss shinier than Cinderella’s slippers. Looking for a plumping effect? Try ‘lip strobing’, which involves layering 3D colour in the middle part of the lip to bring out the cupid’s bow and lower bite. Not feeling adventurous? Update your everyday favourite shade with a smatter of gloss instead.

3 Metallic hues

Let’s get brave! According to Instyle*, metallic lipstick is a ‘practical alternative to 2017’s glitter lip’, and we couldn’t agree more. Why not use to make a statement with your wedding lipstick? The wear time is far longer, plus you can bypass the grit left behind by a glitter lip (your hubby and prosecco glass will thank you for it). From rose gold to mauve and deep amethyst, you can go anywhere on the colour spectrum to achieve a futuristic pout. The best part? You can colour outside the lines and nobody will notice, giving you bigger lips without the need for liner.

4 Glitter gloss

2017’s Kirakira+ app made us look at glitter in a totally different way, and now we know it can act sophisticated, we’re all in. What’s more, when the light hits your lips, your wedding photos will be unbelievably pretty. Top tip? Get hold of a gloss with a fat wand, so you can apply quickly and with no mirror (Refinery*) If you don’t want to go all-over ‘90s disco then try applying a hint of highlighter to your cupid’s bow. This will create the appearance of a fuller top lip.

5 Precious peach

Full lips don’t need to be injected with colour to stand out. If you want the classic bridal look, 2018’s ‘makeout lips’ could be for you. Imagine peach lips and soft edges, but with a ‘I woke up like this’ look. Simple, effortless and complimentary to any eye colour, peach lips are great for brides who don’t want to stray too far from tradition. Top tip? Use a nude lip liner to add definition and volume – just one of many ways to make lips look fuller!

6 Non-surgical lip procedures

And finally – you may be considering non-surgical lip fillers. Some brides opt for lip filler treatment before their big day, and it’s certainly a way of getting full, luscious lips! Lip fillers are designed to achieve more volume, definition or shape, whether you’d like a subtle change or a much fuller lip. The fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the body. More and more women are getting lip fillers, brides-to-be amongst them!

It’s important that you speak to a qualified professional before making any decisions about lip filler treatment. At Transform, we’ll create a personalised treatment programme to ensure your lips stay plump and fabulous throughout your big day and beyond.