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UKbride’s Guide to Bouquet Styles

Worrying about what to ask your florist? This article explains bouquet styles…
The Biedermeier Bouquet

The way the Biedermeier bouquet is styled is unique. It’s named after a German interior style and consists of tightly structured flowers with different rings of colour. For example, red roses on top with a ring of gerberas in the middle and pink roses at the bottom. It’s unique, easy to hold, unlikely to lose shape, and good to photograph.

The Glamelia Bouquet

This is a little more intricate and detailed. It’s made of hundreds of real petals wired together to look like one huge flower. It’s graceful and elegant, perfect for an intimate sophisticated wedding, and it’s very dramatic and distinctive. It works well for couples with hay fever as it consists of silk petals!

The Posy Bouquet

This is probably the most popular way to have a bouquet. The flowers are arranged in a circular fashion with a slightly domed shape. You can have just one kind of flower with this bouquet or loads of different kinds. A great choice if you don’t want your bouquet and dress to compete with each other. The flowers can also be laid flat on the table.

The Cascade Bouquet

This is an abundance of overflowing flowers cascading down in a loose relaxed style. It’s actually considered one of the most traditional and formal styles, despite it seeming quite informal compared to arrangements like the Glamelia. It’s guaranteed to put you in the spotlight though, and it’s a statement accessory that adds liveliness to simple gowns. The bouquet also allows you to use exotic flowers which is good for an exotically themed wedding.

The Shield-Shaped Bouquet

The shield shape is a deceptively complicated design, similar to the cascade style, but each stem is individually wired so the bouquet is more structured. This means you have a similar style to a cascade but it’s much easier to manage, and works well with veils. Kate Middleton opted for this style at her wedding to Prince William.

Credit: Kate Middleton’s flower arrangement.

The Arm Sheath Bouquet

This is designed to rest on the bride’s forearm. The style is often referred to as the pageant bouquet, and the flowers can be carried to the bride’s side and cradled. We advise you to keep this style in a vase prior to the ceremony. This flower arrangement can be budget friendly as there are a lot less flowers and a lot less work goes into it.