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Top Tips on Booking Your Photographer

The photographer will be one of the most important element of your day several years down the line and will create lasting memories of your wedding.

Navid Mughal Photography discusses the important topics on photography to bear in mind when deciding on booking a photographer for your wedding.


“Brides overlook the importance or booking a good photographer early in their planning and not leaving it as a last-minute thought,” says Navid. “I always say to my wedding couples they will have wonderful memories of their big day but the only things that they will walk away with from their weddings are the rings, the wedding dress and their wedding photos.”

“Don’t book a friend or someone they know who takes nice photos; someone who takes lovely landscapes or family photos and trust them to capture your special day. So much goes into planning the wedding day and only a professional wedding photographer understands the details of a wedding and how to capture all the details and capture a story of the day from start to finish.”

“I probably spent 30% – 40% percent of my time ensuring I capture the best from a wedding day. 60% is spent preparing and editing the photos get the best out of each captured image and create a style and feel best suited for their images that tells the perfect story of their day.”


“If your photographer offers an engagement shoot as part of the package, then take it! Most of my packages includes a complimentary engagement session. They are a great way to not only practice in front of the camera but to get to know your photographer before the wedding day.”

“The couples get some lovely photos of the two of them to display on their walls or at their wedding, but just as importantly, as a photographer, it gives me the chance to find out how they photograph, the things they like or dislike. For instance, some of my couples don’t like the cute, cuddling photos in public when some wanted photos of them being romantic and don’t mind getting close in public.”

“Knowing their likes and dislikes means I can make sure the photos on their wedding day reflect their choices and therefore they are much more comfortable and relaxed on the day.”

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“This is another thing that couples tend to not consider but be aware that the light changes throughout the day and different light will result in very different photographs.”

“A good example is if you’re having a winter wedding it will likely start to get dark around 4pm, therefore you really need to have your ceremony early in the day to give the photographer a fighting chance to get some great portraits and your group shots done before the light starts to fade.”

“Even better, they might like the chance to do a first look (where they see each other before the ceremony and get your photos taken then) if you’re not superstitious about seeing each other beforehand, this is a great option too.”

“When looking at venues they should think about the light in each room. Is the bedroom they’re getting ready in small, pokey and cramped? Are the ceremony room walls covered in dark wood with small windows? Remember, photography essentially relies on available light. Your wedding photo will look so much better with available light than having to rely on using flash.”


“A couple’s ceremony photographs are some of the most important shots of the day. I find these are the most cherished photographs by the bride and groom. Often these moments are a nervous blur and likely they’ll not remember everything about it, so even more importance is placed on these images.”

“I find a lot of vicars, priests and even some registrars if they are having a non-church ceremony, may not allow ceremony photography or just as bad, insist the photographer stands at the back of the room at all times.”

“This is gutting for a wedding photographer, especially if they find out on the morning of the big day. Always speak to whoever is officiating the ceremony to find out about any limitations beforehand.”

“Another thing is to consider asking your guests to not take photos during the ceremony. Guests holding up mobile phones or flashes going off during the ceremony can be distracting for the couple and at times ruin the professional photos.”


“As a wedding photographer we are not there to snap away aimlessly. We are a creative bunch so be open to their ideas and trust them! Especially for the portraits don’t be afraid to walk off the beaten track and spend quality time with the photographer and just you two. Set aside enough time for the portraits. It takes time to capture amazing photographs; sometimes involving additional lights, and re-arranging furniture. The more time you allocate to the portraits the better the results will be.”


“Your photographer is an expert so ask how much time they need for each element. Group photos often take longer than you think when you have to round up your aunt who’s gone to the toilet, or the ushers who have already gone to the bar for a pint.”

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