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Top Ten Wedding Transport Ideas

Struggling to pick your transport? Here are our suggestions for alternative delivery…

1. VW Camper Van and Beetle If you’re trying to create the perfect 1960s hippy chick look, look no further! Bohemian is very much on trend at the moment, and you can add to the effect by incorporating flowers in your hair.

2. Double Decker Add a bit of London edge to your wedding with a red double decker bus. It will provide a splash of colour for your outdoors wedding photographs, and you could also ‘double it up’ as a ride from the ceremony to your reception for guests.

3. Retro glam For a retro glam inspired wedding, there’s nothing quite like a classic car! Rolls Royce, Beauford, Daimler – just whip out those sunglasses and lipstick, and you’ll be the star of the show.

4. On the farm There’s nothing more alternative than arriving on the back of a tractor. Fun, quirky and great for those outdoor ‘festival’ style weddings. It will make the perfect prop for your photographs, and the children at your wedding will love a ride!

5. Italian Job Turn your guests’ heads with a famous car replica. There is so much choice – from a classic James Bond Aston Martin, Italian Job Mini to a 66 Ford Thunderbird or General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard.

6. Wild Wedding Ooze ultimate cool and get the groom to arrive at the wedding ceremony on a motorbike. For brides with wedding dresses too big for a side car – a trike is the perfect alternative and bound to get Dad grinning from ear to ear on the way to the ceremony. Make sure all you biker brides choose a hairstyle that can be easily fixed after wearing a helmet!

7. Take to the sky Create a truly remarkable and memorable way to travel to your wedding ceremony with a hot air balloon ride. This will also give you the perfect setting to get some unusual but very cool aerial photographs of your guests as you arrive to your wedding reception.

8. Tandem for two Environmentally friendly and hopelessly romantic, who could resist a bicycle ride for two on a tandem. Store your flowers in the basket and whisk off on a scenic route together before making your way to greet your guests at the reception. A great way to get some fun and natural photographs of you together on your special day.

9. Anyone for a boat party? If you’re getting married by the river or the sea, why not make the most of it and arrive by boat. Ahoy there, sailor!

10. Stop horsing around The perfect way to fulfil your dream for a fairy tale wedding is with the classic and very romantic horse and carriage. This type of transport is great for a picturesque country wedding theme.