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Summer Wedding Beauty Trends 2017

Want to look glamorous on your wedding day? UKbride has top tips for creating that flawless bridal look based on 2017 trends…
Backless Dresses & Up-dos

This has been a popular trend for a while, but backless styles as deep as this will soon be taking over weddings. Wear your hair up with this style of dress to show off a (spray) tanned back!

Fresh Flowers

Do you wish you were a punk rocker with flowers in your hair? How about a bride with beautiful fresh flowers? 70s styles are slowly making their way back into mainstream wedding fashion, so introduce a bit of flower power into your wedding look.

Long Veils

This is a bit of a retro trend with veils not as popular as they once were. However, 2017 is back with long veils covering the bride’s face. We like this trend; it’s like a grand reveal at the end of the altar!

Long Earrings

More and more brides are going for simpler less glitzy dresses, and instead adding sparkle with jewellery. Long dropping earrings delicately designed would be my ‘something new’ any day!

A Touch of Vintage

Many brides are simply nodding to this beauty trend rather than going all out. Tea length dresses are still fashionable if you want to go all out vintage, but high volume and hair accessories are necessary for a vintage beauty look.

Whimsical Fairy Look

Make your wedding a Midsummer Night’s Dream with a whimsical fairytale look. The way to create this is big hair, a delicate hair piece like this one below, and glitter in your gown. Keep makeup simple yet defined.