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Pets at Weddings: A Guide

Unless you’re planning on eloping to sunnier climes for your wedding, chances are you will want your entire family and friends around you when the day comes. And who says that can’t include pets? Having pets at weddings is more common than ever before, and if done properly can be a great way of getting your furry friends involved in the festivities.

So, how can you incorporate your pets into your day as seamlessly as possible? Follow our tips and you’re guaranteed a day that both you and your fur babies will love…

Think about your pet’s temperament

Before you even begin to start planning your pet into your day, you need to think about how realistic having him or her there will be. If he’s of a nervous disposition, it’s probably best to steer clear of having him at the ceremony as the stress of the day will be too much for him. The same goes for pets that can get a little too excitable – as much as you might want him there, if he’s going to be disruptive to the proceedings, it might be a good idea to reconsider. Ask yourself how well your pet gets on with people and crowds, and if the answer is no, it’s probably best to keep him away on your big day.

Pets at Weddings: A Guide

Check with your venue

If you’ve given having your pet at your wedding the go-ahead, the next thing to do is to check with the venue. Whilst some venues will be happy to accommodate any furry friends, many won’t and so it’s crucial you confirm whether this is the case before you start putting any plans in place. As a general rule, outdoor, barn and farm weddings are much more likely to say yes to pets, whereas lavish halls and hotels are more than likely going to say no. Either way, it’s best to check beforehand and let your venue know how many pets are going to be in attendance.

Let your guests know

Once you’ve got the ball rolling and you know your pet is definitely going to be a part of your big day, it’s worth letting your guests know what’s happening. An easy way of doing this is by writing a note on your Save the Dates and invitations so that any one with allergies or fears around animals can know in advance.

Pets at Weddings: A Guide

Get a pet-sitter

In order to make sure that your pet is as happy as possible for the duration of your wedding day, it’s vital you have someone on-hand as a pet-sitter to keep an eye on your furry friend. You won’t be able to look after him throughout the day as you’ll be busy getting married, so having a friend or family member watch him will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your day without worry.

Make sure he’s kept happy

Ensure you give your pet-sitter a run-down on everything they need to know about your pet, such as when he needs feeding, if he has any allergies, how often he should be walked etc. It’s worth giving any pets at the wedding a designated area, complete with everything they will need, such as blankets, a bed, water, food, toys etc., so that they have somewhere to retreat to throughout the day.

Pets at Weddings: A Guide

Incorporate him into the ceremony

Whilst some people might like having their pet as a guest at the wedding and leaving things there, there are ways you can incorporate your pet further into the ceremony if you wish to. Some dogs can be trained to be ring-bearers, or you could even have designated ‘mutts of honour’ as part of the day! You can even get adorable tuxedos and other little wedding outfits for your pets – but ensure they fit properly and are comfortable. If your pet isn’t happy or seems uncomfortable in his outfit, take it off immediately. A great way of getting pets involved is involving them in the photographs – it’s definitely worth discussing this with your photographer beforehand, so that they can plan out some cute shots including your pets.

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