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Tips on Making Your Own Wedding Cake

If you’re wanting to take on the challenge of creating your own cake,
then we have a step by step guide on what to take into account…

First of all, you need to decide on two things; the size of the cake and the shape
of the cake. You need to to think about your skills as a baker and be realistic;
are you going to be able to make a seven-tiered fruit cake?

You also need to think about the amount of guests you’ll be feeding and how many
tiers you would like.

The next step is the flavour of the cake. A wedding cake is traditionally a fruit cake,
but you could opt for a simple sponge, carrot cake or even a rich chocolate cake.
It’s completely up to you.

Now focus on presentation. You could draw your ideas, look at ideas on our website
for inspiration, and ask people for their thoughts, but remember, it’s your wedding
and your choice. Consider icing and decorations, like cake toppers, ribbons or
something a little more extravagant. Also remember the cake stand. This is key to
how you present it on the day.

If you’re not an experienced baker, choose an easy recipe on free recipe websites like
BBC Good Food or watch ‘How to’ videos on Youtube.

Now onto timings. You can make your cake up to three months before if it’s a fruit cake.
Just feed it with brandy every four days and don’t put the icing on just yet. Two weeks
before the day, cover it with marzipan. Four days before, bake the sponge cake and
remember to wrap it in cling film and completely airtight.

Ice the cake three days before and place on your cake stand, two days before, cover
with fondant icing and insert dowelling rods for the tiers and the day before, or
preferably on the day, stack the tiers and decorate.

If you feel it’s a little risky to leave the decorating until then with so many other obligations,
ask family members to help out. Alternatively, ice your cake really simply and ask your
florist if they can decorate the cake on the day as shown!