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Love Birds

St Valentine’s Day is celebrated by hopeless romantics the world over as Cupid pulls back his bow and shoots the arrow of love at couples who want to be together forever; and that goes for the animal kingdom as well. This week saw a beautiful civil partnership take place in the UK…by two celebrity penguins, who are head-over-heels in love!

We’ve had Elton and David…Ellen and Portia…and now we can add the names of Ferrari and Pringle to that prestigious list of famous civil partnerships.

In a break from tradition, the long lenses of the paparazzi were welcomed as the world’s media didn’t have to resort to hiring helicopters or hiding in bushes to grab a few frames, as the unique Valentine’s occasion was exclusively recorded for everyone to enjoy by The Wedding Video Company.   

The glitz and glamour of the zoo world’s A-Lister bash of the year took place at Merriscourt in Chipping Norton in front of a congregation of proud family and friends. Even Pringle’s dad Charlie was present to watch his son’s happy day.

Ferrari and Pringle first met at Heythrop Zoo where they share a hang out with their penguin pals. They’re no strangers to the spotlight as they’ve mingled with the stars with guest appearances on The Jonathan Ross Show, Our Zoo, Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and even on the red-carpet premiere of Hollywood blockbuster Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  

The Wedding Day – picture the scene: Ferrari and Pringle had their own dressers, hair and make up artists on-hand to spruce them up for their big day; when they got to the venue they were greeted by a crowd of emotional relatives and well-wishers; then Pringle was walked down the aisle by trainer Jess; before joining the love of his life Ferrari at the alter where they were married by master of ceremonies, Andrew Roughan. There was even a platter of delicious fish waiting for the bow tie wearing couple after their vows were read and the register signed with two footprints. They were then covered in confetti by the rapturous congregation.    

The special occasion was captured for prosperity by Gateshead-based The Wedding Video Company who were over the moon to be part of this momentous day.

“We’ve captured the special day for hundreds of happy couples but I can honestly say, hand on heart that nothing can quite prepares you for a celebrity penguin wedding. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house,” said Rob Earnshaw of The Wedding Video Company.

Rob added: “From the moment Ferrari and Pringle entered the room you knew it was going to be special. Who doesn’t like a bit of bling and glamour on their wedding day? They even manged to sing along to ‘I Will Survive’ at the top of their voice! A classy day, for a classy couple and not a diva moment insight. Our cameras stopped rolling as they entered the honeymoon suite as somethings are sacred!”

Jess McGugan, trainer and close confidant to Ferrari and Pringle at Amazing Animals in Heythrop Zoological Gardens was on hand to walk Pringle down the aisle. Jess said: “Ferrari and Pringle make a beautiful couple. I see them every day at the zoo and when they are apart, they cry and pine for each other. It is so cute and heart-warming to watch them.

“They are both very cheeky characters with bubbly and infectious personalities. I hope they have a fun and happy life together.”

Please note the welfare of Ferrari and Pringle was paramount throughout the entire wedding day and no animal was harmed during the recording of the ceremony. We can’t guarantee that the happy couple didn’t over indulge on the pickled herring or underwater cocktails at their wedding reception. 

Love was definitely in the air…Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

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