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Should you invite your ex to your wedding?

Would you invite your ex to your wedding? According to a poll we ran on, 4% of brides would!

Whilst it’s a relatively small percentage, it still shows that there are some brides who would be happy inviting an ex-love to be a part of their wedding day. Therefore, Hannah Vickers, Editor at wedding planning website, has put together a list of considerations to make before deciding if it’s worth putting an old flame on the guest list.

Why do you want them there?

First of all, you need to ask yourself why you actually want your ex to be there. If you’re still friends and your romantic relationship is very much in the past, it makes sense having them there on the day. If, however, you were together for five years, lived together or were even married, it might be best to leave them off the guest list.

Will it disrupt the day?

Another consideration to make is whether having your ex-partner there will disrupt the day. If there is unfinished business or things ended badly, having your ex there could potentially cause much more harm than good.

Is your partner happy for them to attend?

The most important thing to consider when it comes to inviting your ex to your wedding is how your current partner feels about it. If your bride or groom doesn’t approve, you have to take their feelings into account and keep any exes as far from the wedding venue as possible. If, however, they are genuinely okay with having your ex on the guest list, then go for it.

Do you have kids with the ex?

If you and your ex share children, this is definitely a valid reason for having him or her in attendance at the wedding. Obviously it depends on the circumstances, but if things are amicable between you both, having your ex there means that the children you have together will more than likely be happy, and it shows your guests that there is good will between you both.

Is it really worth it?

Finally, you need to consider whether having your ex there is really worth it. Your wedding day is ultimately about you and your bride- or groom-to-be, and the love you share for each other. It simply isn’t worth putting that in jeopardy for the sake of an ex-flame.

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