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Five Steps to Cope With Wedding Stress



Weddings are stressful to say the very least. We can all get nervous and stressed out, especially when you’re trying to organise what is labelled as ‘the biggest day of your life.’

Here’s some tips to alleviate some of your worries and just breathe!

1. Small things won’t matter

No one will notice or care if the chair covers aren’t quite the same shade of pink as your wedding bouquet; only you will notice the tiny imperfect details. Everyone will just be wanting to have a good time together. Try and remember this when small matters go wrong.

2. Set a budget

Cannot stress this point enough. If you’re getting nervous about planning a wedding, your number one step is to set a budget! It can be scary realising your dream wedding is actually £25,000, but once you do this, you don’t have to constantly be upset every time you can’t afford something, you don’t have post-wedding stress dealing with loads of debt, and a list of everything needed to sort is right there in front of you like a checklist.

3. Avoid stressful family matters

With divorces, remarriages, step children, brothers and sisters, weddings can get confusing. Try to avoid family conflict as much as possible. If you really don’t see how you’re family are all going to get along on the day, only have a small wedding party, invite some to the day and some to the evening, or it may be best just to elope for you, if you are really worried about family conflict.

4. Involve your bridesmaids and friends

A really good way to reduce wedding stress is delegating jobs. Organising a wedding is a lot for one person and most of your family and friends should be happy to help. Get your maid of honour to organise the hen party, your mother-in-law to sort bridesmaid dresses and your husband-to-be to buy the rings.

Also, use the people you know. If you’re friends with a florist, cake maker or graphic designer, it doesn’t hurt to just ask if they would be willing to help with invites, flowers and cake. It takes off a lot of money stress too.

5. Enjoy yourself

Just remember to have a good time! Take time out of wedding planning and spend time with your husband to be; don’t lose touch of what is most important. A materialistic wedding is often desired, but remember it’s the marriage at the end of it that’s important.

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