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Unicorn Wedding 101: Our Guide to Your Magical Day

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Unicorns are everywhere right now. Whether it’s unicorn cakes, unicorns on clothes or even unicorn bedding, we are officially unicorn-obsessed (and proud!). With the current unicorn trend skyrocketing, it makes perfect sense that some brides-to-be might want to embrace the unicorn phenomenon and opt for a unicorn wedding. Having a unicorn wedding is the perfect opportunity to embrace all things magical – and what could be more magical than your wedding day?

When planning out your unicorn wedding, it’s important to consider how unicorn-crazy you want to go. Perhaps you want to opt for subtle unicorn touches, or go all-out and well-and-truly embrace the magic on your big day. Whichever it is, we have you covered when it comes to putting the perfect unicorn-themed day together.

The Invitations

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Your invitations and Save the Dates are the first opportunity to give your guests an idea as to what the theme of your wedding day will be. There are so many options for unicorn invites – you could opt for something subtle, such as a touch of glitter (you could simply sprinkle some into the envelope) or a small unicorn silhouette featured somewhere on the invite. For true fairytale fans, you could take inspiration from the magical stories themselves and select a fairytale-inspired invite, with ‘Once Upon a Time…’ or ‘Happily Ever After’ incorporated somewhere into the text. You could even choose invitations that look like a fairytale book to further add to the magic!

The Cake

unicorn cake

One of our favourite aspects of a unicorn wedding has got to be the cake. You can have so much fun with unicorns when it comes to food – whether you choose to have a tiered unicorn face cake, or something simpler like a unicorn cake topper on your main cake, along with smaller unicorn-shaped biscuits, macarons, cake-pops, doughnuts or cupcakes to complement it. You could choose to add these to a sweet stall for a real childhood throwback, along with candyfloss and other pastel confections, or have them sitting alongside your cake. It’s making us hungry just thinking about all the delicious sweet treats you can incorporate into the unicorn theme!

The Favours

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Your wedding favours are another brilliant opportunity to add to your unicorn theme. You could use unicorn-shaped biscuits or cupcakes as favours, or make things really fun with multicoloured popcorn, white chocolate bark with sprinkles and edible glitter, or even a selection of multicoloured sweets in a bag labelled ‘Unicorn Food’ or, even funnier, ‘Unicorn Poop’! If that isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps opting for a unicorn figurine or a cute unicorn-themed box to house whichever favour you’d prefer to offer your guests could work for you.

The Decorations

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As the unicorn’s popularity has grown, so has the selection of different decorations you can choose to decorate your wedding reception and table settings with. Sprinklings of glitter will work well on your tables, along with tasteful unicorn figurines, pastel flowers and iridescent confetti. For the rest of the reception, fairy lights, pastel confetti-filled balloons, unicorn bunting and colourful quotes will help create a magical atmosphere. Make sure you read our post on styling and decoration for wedding receptions if you need further inspiration.

The Dress

unicorn wedding dress, rainbow wedding dress

Depending on how far into the unicorn theme you’d like to go, you might want to add a touch of unicorn magic to your dress. This could be as simple as embracing embellishments or getting full force into your unicorn wedding with a pastel rainbow gown. If you’re not keen on taking the theme as far as your dress, another option is to give each of your bridesmaids a different pastel-coloured dress – so you have a rainbow of bridesmaids to accompany you through the day. Make sure you visit our wedding dresses section for some gorgeous dress inspiration.

The Shoes

irregular choice unicorn shoes

Shoes can be another really fun aspect with this theme, and are a perfect compromise if you’re not a fan of opting for a unicorn-inspired dress. Glittery shoes, multicoloured shoes or even unicorn-shaped shoes are all great options for a unicorn-themed wedding. If you are looking for some quirky bridal shoes, Irregular Choice (pictured) have a great selection!

Are you considering a unicorn wedding? Make sure you let us know in the comments, or by getting in touch on Facebook or Twitter – we’d love to hear what you have planned! Plus, if you’d like further inspiration, make sure you visit our unicorn wedding Pinterest board for even more ideas!

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