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A Guide to Organising the Best Hag Do

Stag dos and hen dos are so last year. Hag dos are the in thing now. This is when the bride’s friends and groom’s friends have a joint do or there are male/female friends you wouldn’t want to exclude from your stag/hen do. Here’s how to have the BEST hag do.
hag do
Party Time: Enjoy a send-off party with ALL your friends.
Why have a hag do?

A hag do, also called a sten do, is a great idea in the modern world. Nowadays, friendship isn’t based on gender. The traditional stag do and hen do excludes all of your opposite sex friends.

They’re also seen in a negative light; the last party you’ll have, the end of freedom and the start of marriage. But this should be a time to celebrate, so having a send-off party with your husband-to-be and his friends makes sense.

What do you do on a hag do?

This is a little tricky. Although the sexes are coming together for one big party, we tend to have different interests. Stags generally aren’t too interested in spa days and chocolate tasting. Equally, hens aren’t particularly fussed about paintball days and whisky tasting. You have to choose something gender neutral that everyone can enjoy.

Party, Party, Party

This is probably the most obvious idea. Hire an (isolated) holiday lodge for one night and throw a massive party, do it at home, or even have a camping party. As long as there is good music, good food and plenty of alcohol, you’re sure to have a night to remember.

hag do
House Party: If you’re childhood friends, this is a great send-off idea.
Hag Holiday

If your idea of a good stag or hen do is to go abroad for a mad weekend, there’s no reason why you can’t do it together. It’s a great excuse to get everyone together for a great holiday. It’s also a bonus holiday before your wedding and honeymoon.

hag do
Hag Holiday: Get everyone together for a great time in the sun.
Bride Team vs Groom Team

If you’re a competitive bunch, go on an assault course. There are muddy events across the country like Tough Mudder and more regularly used assault courses. You could raise money for charity on your run and have a cracking day with friends.

Alternatively, why not visit an escape room? There are also places across the country for this kind of hag do. The bride team enter one themed room and have to try and find a way to escape while the groom team enter the other. This is also a great team building exercise, perfect for groups that are a little less familiar with each other.

hag do
The bridal party on a ‘Tough Mudder’ assault course!
Dance Class

A dance class is also a great team building exercise, and you all get something out of the experience. You could even choreograph a group dance for the big day. This is a good idea if you want to surprise your guests.

hag do
Everyone can enjoy a dance class hag do including your guests!


Stag dos and hen dos may be old news, but if there is one piece of advice we can offer for hag doers, it’s this; continue to call attendees stags or hens. Your bridal party won’t be too pleased if they’re referred to as hags!

But most importantly have fun, and it doesn’t matter who you spend your hag/stag/sten/hen party with. Don’t exclude people just because of tradition, and have a party to remember before you marry the person you love.