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Our Favourite Favour Suggestions

Wedding Favours. The little presents you give to your guests for coming. Many brides see this as a DIY project, others go out and buy favours. Whatever you choose, we think these are the BEST ideas!

Candles are super easy favours to make; just melt down the wax into the pots you’d like and add the wick! This is a great way to personalise every single candle, and you can buy personalised candles from sites like Etsy. The above idea is from this link.

bottle of fizz

If you want to make your life a little easier, we recommend bulk buying small bottles of bubbles and adding a little name tag to each one for personalisation. Get the bottles that suit your colour scheme too! Love these pink ones from Moet.

Cookie Creations

If you’re certain on making favours yourself, this is the best way to ensure they’ll turn out ok. Get a good recipe together and all your bridesmaids to give you a hand. You can get presses for the letters or etch them out yourself in the icing. Or make your life easier and get the cookie making kit here.

Actual Bubbles

Perhaps you don’t want to personalise your gifts too much to save costs. Just add the date to these beautiful little bubble creations. This is just a fun touch and will it’s like clean confetti; you know your guests will start using them immediately, and it’ll make the room look pretty.

Anything goes when it comes to favours. These are our favourites but it’s your wedding; you do what you want. They can be as big or as small as you want, it should just be a little souvenir for guests to take home and remember your wedding for years to come.

For more wedding favour inspiration, check out our wedding favour ideas board on our Pinterest page.