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How to DIY your Wedding Hair

You can save so much money by DIYing your wedding hair and makeup for the day, so here are a few easy hair hacks and ideas for you to follow if you don’t want a professional on the big day…

So our favourite easy wedding hair hack is just a relaxed loose curl. If you want your hair down and you have long hair, use straighteners or curlers to give you relaxed curls. Add hair accessories to transform your look from everyday curly hair to wedding hair.

If you’re going for a retro look, curl your hair tightly and after leaving your hair to cool a moment, brush the curls out. You’ll get a very vintage style in classic 20s glamour. Perhaps introduce a vintage headpiece too. Hair accessories are the best way to transform your look from every day to wedding day.

If it’s an updo you’re after, a classic chignon is really easy. Put the top layer of your hair in a low bun, and use the left over hair to pin across your bun so it’s completely covered.

A lot of brides are just opting for a classy bun. Either go formal and scrape your hair back into a tight neat bun, or you can have a messy bun. If you have a hair donut in your bun, loosely tuck the hair in. Again add accessories to glam it up.

If you have short hair, a textured look is best. Add volume into your hair by backcombing and use straighteners to curl your hair outwards. We love the vintage style birdcage veil for shorter hair brides.

Look out for a blog post soon that will tell you all about how to DIY your wedding makeup saving loads of money that you may have spent on a makeup artist…