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DIY Bridal Makeup: Our Tips and Tricks

Have you considered who will be doing your bridal makeup when the big day comes? Whilst the idea of doing your own makeup might be a scary one, it also saves you the time and money it costs to find and hire a makeup artist. As well as this, it means that you have complete control over how your makeup looks on the day.

Another positive of DIY bridal makeup is that you are free to use the products you know and love, and therefore can have them on hand during the day to touch-up when needed. Any excuse to treat yourself to a few new makeup goodies!

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to ensure your bridal makeup looks the best it possibly can on your wedding day.

All About the Base

When it comes to makeup, getting a smooth, flawless base is key to achieving the perfect finished look. No matter how great the rest of your makeup looks, if your base appears uneven or patchy it will completely detract from the rest of the look. This being the case, it’s crucial to ensure you up your skincare game during the weeks leading up to your wedding day. Make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise daily, exfoliate 1-2 times a week and use serums regularly to keep your skin looking in tip-top condition.

Building Your Foundation

Once your skin is looking great, it’s time to pick your foundation. You want to ensure you choose a long-lasting foundation in a finish that suits you, and it is imperative you are colour-matched professionally. This is so that your shade blends perfectly with your skintone, and saves you from the dreaded orange-face-pale-neck scenario. Steer clear from foundation with a high SPF as this will cause flash-back in your photographs. A primer is another addition that will help keep your makeup looking flawless all day, and is simply applied prior to your foundation. If you really want to guarantee your foundation’s staying power, opt for a setting spray too.

Beautiful Brows

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Your brows are another important aspect of bridal makeup: they help to frame your face and so if you get them wrong, it could ruin your whole look. Make sure you get them waxed or threaded to a shape you’re happy with a week before your big day, and use a product that you’re confident applying when the day itself comes around. There are a plethora of different options when it comes to brows: pomades, powders and pencils to name a few. It is also worth investing in a setting gel to apply once you’ve completed your brow look, to ensure it stays in place all day.

The Eyes Have It

It’s crucial you get your eye makeup right on your wedding day, as when you look your groom in the eye for the first time you want to look like your best self. Don’t opt for anything too different from your usual look, and ensure you use an eyeshadow primer to keep your look in place. If you want to wear eye liner, ensure it’s a long-lasting, non-smudge formula that you feel confident using. For lashes, depending on how dramatic you want to go, you might want to invest in some lash extensions or false lashes – but don’t choose to apply lashes yourself if you’ve never done it before!

Lip Service

Keep your lips looking kissable and gorgeous by exfoliating and moisturising them regularly throughout the run-up to your wedding day. Choose a long-lasting lipstick or gloss, depending on your preference, and ensure you take it with you in your bridal bag for when you inevitably need to top it up as the day goes on. Particularly if you’re choosing a bold lip, it’s worth investing in a lip pencil too, to prevent it from bleeding into your makeup.

Picture Perfect

Another top tip is to practise applying your wedding makeup a few times before the day of your wedding and get a friend to take some pictures of you, both inside and outdoors, to see how your makeup photographs. This way you can adapt any areas that aren’t working to ensure you’re picture perfect on the day itself.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to doing your own bridal makeup is to keep calm, prepare, and enjoy it! Let us know on Facebook and Twitter if you have any tips of your own for DIY bridal makeup – we’d love to hear! Are you DIYing your wedding hair too? Check out our post on how to DIY your wedding hair for more tips and tricks!