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Different Ideas for Your Wedding Breakfast

Most weddings will serve a sit down three course meal, but if you want to add a twist to your wedding breakfast, here are our favourite suggestions…


1. Multi-cultural

Try Indian, Chinese or perhaps you’re both from different cultures. Maybe you want to combine the two to show your friends and family your partner’s culture and heritage. It just makes it a little different and personal too.

multi-cultural wedding breakfast
Delicious food you’re used to.


2. Afternoon Tea

This has become more and more popular as a couple’s wedding breakfast. It makes for a lighter option and an earlier wedding breakfast. Afternoon tea also suits the style of a Georgian manor or marquee.


3. Street Food/Mobile Food

A little more of a bizarre feature to a wedding, and a trend that surprised us, was street food. As weddings become more and more relaxed, couples opt for burger vans, pizza trucks and hog roasts. Choosing taste over style; really great tasting food everyone will enjoy over slightly more refined food. It’s definitely steering clear of tradition.


4. Canapés

Keep guests happy with hundreds of canapés throughout the day. This means you can have a smaller meal in the evening and save yourself a few extra pennies. It also means guests don’t have to stop the flow of conversation.

Become the canapé queen!


5. Buffet Style

Make it easier for yourself and for guests and create your own buffet table. This way guests can help themselves to as much or as little as they want, and you could get family and friends to create a unique homemade buffet display. If you’d prefer to stay professional, there are catering companies that offer a buffet style service. Without the table service, you can often find this is more affordable.

wedding breakfast
Buffet style food for a smaller wedding party.

6. Grazing Table

Similar to buffet style, grazing tables are really popular in the wedding world at the moment. These are when you offer a selection of meats and cheeses and fruits and completely cover a long table, adding flowers or foliage. It ends up looking like a banqueting table!

7. Food Spots

This may be something you can add onto your standard catering. Add little bars and food stand around the venue like a candy floss bar, pimp your prosecco bar, donut stand and perhaps one of those mobile bars or two.

The Copper Top Bar, Brighton.
The Copper Top Bar, Brighton.

8. ‘Cheese’ Cake

Instead of a standard wedding cake, why not have a savoury wedding cake made of wheels of cheese! Surround it with biscuits, crackers and charcuterie meats and guests can help themselves. This saves spending on wedding cake too or you may want to do both!

9. Home Cooking

If you have good enough chefs in your own family – and very willing family members – you could do your own catering. This will save enormously on money, but make sure it’s going to be up to scratch! It adds a nice personal touch to your day too.

10. DIY Bars

Instead of doing your own catering, make the day a little fun for guests getting them to put their food together themselves. You can do this with things like build your own burgers or fondue bars or even chocolate fountains! It’s just taking a buffet table to the next level.

For more wedding breakfast and catering ideas, please click the link below! Here, you’ll find hundreds of local catering companies for you to choose from. Happy wedding planning!