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How to Deal with Uninvited Guests

It can be the most awkward situation when someone messages you presuming they’re invited to your wedding. If you’re faced with an uninvited guest, here’s our guide on how to deal with them…

First of all, it all depends on who this person is. If you’re struggling to put together a guest list, read our blog post on how to make your guest list in five minutes.

That will help you decide if it is worth inviting them or not. If you decide they’re not who you would’ve liked to invite, here are the best replies.

1. Intimate Ceremony

If it’s someone you’ve bumped into in the street, a distant aunt or uncle, an old friend from school, you might be able to get away with telling a little white lie. Say you’re having an intimate ceremony and not many people are invited, or you could even say you’re eloping (just make sure they don’t have you on Facebook!).

2. Guest Limit

If you don’t feel comfortable with that, tell them you’ve reached your guest limit, especially if they’re distant friends and family. They should understand with this one.

3. Popular Wedding

And finally, in the situation where you have only just got engaged and you have people like co-workers inviting themselves, ignore it. Pretend they didn’t just invite themselves and say something like ‘I’ve been hearing that a lot from people! It’s so nice that everyone cares and wants to come, I wish we had the space and money for it but the guest list is far too long already! We’re well over budget!”


You might be in the very awkward situation where you don’t want a close family member to come. Just remember it’s your day, no one else’s. If you don’t want them there, talk to your partner about it and see a way you could go around it.

It might be that you’ve had arguments with them before and you don’t want to feel any hostility on the wedding day, which is completely understandable. You may comfortable with just saying ‘no, you’re not invited,’ but if not, perhaps try and sit down and have a conversation with them.

Explain how you feel and that they can come as long as everything’s put in the past. If they refuse, it’s an easy way to uninvite them. If they agree, just invite them to the evening do.

It’s a difficult situation for anyone, so if you want to offer some more advice or replies of your own, please comment below on this blog post!