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Classical Music for your Wedding

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Classical music will set the tone for you wedding.
If like us you’re more familiar with Adele than Elgar, Ed Sheeran than Wolfgang Amadeus, you’ll appreciate our roundup of five classical music standards for weddings… no conductor’s baton required!
Pachelbel in D Minor

Johann Pachelbel’s baroque classical music standard is perfect for weddings. It’s a super song which, because of its pace, will allow you to time your steps, preventing you from racing down the aisle because you’re nervous!

Wagner’s Bridal Chorus

You know the song that goes ‘here comes the bride…’? Its proper name is Bridal Chorus, or more correctly, Bridal Chorus from the German composer’s 1850 operetta Lohengrin. Our featured version performed by the London Symphony Orchestra also has a choral score which we think still sounds sublime despite being ubiquitous for wedding ceremonies.

Gabriel’s Oboe

You’ll doubtless have heard Ennio Morricone’s Gabriel’s Oboe, even if its name isn’t familiar. Recorded and released in 1986, it’s a contemporary classical track, and was originally written for the film The Mission, about a Jesuit missionary and starring Jeremy Irons & Robert De Niro. A 2010 version featured English lyrics by Hayley Westenra on her album Paradiso, and was subtitled Whispers in a Dream; ‘love will fall on us all / the world will smile again.’ Ideal for gentle background music at your wedding, or when guests are being seated before the ceremony.

Queen of Sheba

If you’re seeking something a little livelier, The Queen of Sheba will be familiar too. It’s by British composer Handel, and featured in his oratorio Solomon. It’s ideal for signing the register and the jaunty tune is a good antidote if you’re a nervous bride once you’ve said your wedding vows.

Salut D’Armour

Love’s Greeting, composed by Elgar in 1888 and performed above by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, has wide number of variations and interpretations, but common to most is the gentle, romantic strings which make it ideal for your wedding.

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