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Botox Brides: Brides are getting botox just for their wedding day

There is a great deal of pressure to look as good as you possibly can on your wedding day, which makes sense, as ultimately you want to be able to treasure your wedding photographs forever. There’s the endless struggle to lose weight to fit in the perfect dress, have flawless wedding makeup, immaculate hair and a dazzling smile, all of which can take their toll on a bride-to-be. Now, however, brides are taking things to the extreme, with more brides resorting to botox for their big day.

A survey by revealed that 11% of brides would have botox for their wedding. It’s not surprising, really, that more and more brides are considering the procedure. The stigma around botox and other non-invasive surgeries has definitely decreased considerably over the past few years, and it’s become more affordable, too. It’s almost become ‘fashionable’ to have procedures such as lip fillers and botox – with more and more fashion and beauty bloggers admitting to having such procedures.

Hannah Vickers, Editor of, says: “I’ve definitely noticed an increase in influencers opening up about lip fillers and botox, so it’s not surprising more people are opting for it, particularly girls in their late teens and twenties.”

“It doesn’t shock me that brides consider botox for their wedding day, as in this day and age there is so much pressure for the bride to look as perfect as possible. I would, however, say that if you are considering it, make sure you’re doing it for yourself and nobody else, and make sure you don’t take things too far. You want to look like you on your wedding day, as ultimately that’s who your husband fell in love with!”