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Must-Ask Questions for Wedding Venues

One of the first jobs of wedding planning – and arguably the most important job – will be looking at wedding venues. That’s why it’s important to ask these questions to venues when you’re on the search…

Take your time when you look for venues. You want to get the place you love for the best price, which sounds a lot easier than it actually is. When you visit the hotels, fields, churches and castles, do it with your partner by your side, and make sure you’re happy you’ll get a good service. These must-ask questions will put you on the right track.

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Make sure you’re getting the place you want for the best price!
How many people does this venue accommodate?

You need to find out how many people your venue can accommodate. The venue will be one of the first things you organise, and wedding plans change constantly, so even if you know you’re having a small number of guests, ask this question. It might only accommodate for 20 and you want 80.

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Ask if you can change the number of people attending nearer the date too; you don’t know how many of your guests will be able to make it after all.
What are the full costs/extra fees?

Unfortunately, many venues have hidden costs that you really need to be aware of. Ask about the rental fee, cancellation policy, the payment plan, overtime fee and everything else you feel they might charge you for. This avoids any nasty surprises and gets all the awkward questions out of the way.

Even marquee hire companies have hidden costs.
Do you offer catering?

You may have already arranged for a wedding caterer, but it’s still worth checking if the venue do. It may be a lot cheaper or better quality. It’s good to keep your options open. Remember to ask about hidden fees here too! Some venues have a ‘corkage’ fee if you bring your own alcohol. If you hire your own caterers, ask if there are kitchen facilities available – if caterers have to bring in their own refrigerators and ovens, they might charge extra.

Catering is where you might be stung with extra costs.
Catering is where you might be stung with extra costs.
What dates are available?

If you have your heart set on a particular date and your venue is available on that day, still ask this question. You might discover they’re available on a bank holiday weekend or the price is considerably better on a different day. Weigh up all your options.

Consider your guests when choosing a date.
Do you have a list of suppliers?

Sometimes venues will have a list of ‘preferred’ or ‘recommended’ suppliers. It’s important for your suppliers to work well together so it might be worth referring to this as much as possible. Also, if your venue recommends them, they are probably good suppliers to use.

Trust your venue. They've hosted a lot of weddings.
Trust your venue. They’ve hosted a lot of weddings.
Can we setup the day before?

This is a question your suppliers may ask you. Find out when you first book with your venue, and plan your day logically in your head. Ask them about how the whole process works with them.

If you're planning on bringing a lot of decoration, ask if you can set up the day before.
If you’re planning on bringing a lot of decoration, ask if you can set up the day before.

If you’re happy with their answers to the above questions, you love the look and style of the venue and it’s within your budget, book it! After you’ve booked your venue, you can enjoy fun stuff like cake tasting, dress fittings and hen do planning. This is just an easy guide for you to follow to make sure you’re asking the right questions.