Wedding Rings in Much Wenlock

Covering Abdon, Acton Burnell, Acton Pigott, Acton Round, Atterley, Bourton, Bourton Westwood, Brockton, Brookhampton, Broome, Callaughton, Causewaywood, Charlton Hill, Church Preen, Cockshutford, Cound, Coundarbour, Coundmoor, Cressage, Derrington, Ditton Priors, Dryton, Easthope, Eaton Constantine, Eyton on Severn, Garmston, Harley, Harnage, Hillside, Hilltop, Holdgate, Homer, Hughley, Kenley, Leighton, Little Mosterley, Lower Monkhall, Lower Netchwood, Lushcott, Monkhopton, Muckley, Muckley Cross, Pitchford, Presthope, Ruckley, Sheinton, Shipton, Shirlett, Stanton Long, Stretton Westwood, The Coalpits, Upper Cound, Upper Longwood, Upper Netchwood, Weston and Wigwig

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