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Fotomaki believes in positivity, karma, and confetti. We want to bring as much happiness to our lives and yours, and trust that it will ripple forward.

- We make killer photos that you won’t believe
- Wield our crazy research superpowers for you. (Like that time we discovered a road race scheduled for the wedding day, and saved half the guests from turning up late. We’ve got you.)
- Help you plan your timeline and organize your shot list. You have enough to do!
- Get to know you so you feel completely comfortable
- Blend into the day like friends who happen to be taking photos. (Organized friends. The ones who handle things and carry safety pins and hairspray, just in case.)

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Price Range
£470 - £1850
We have been obsessed with genuine moments of joy + awesome party times since 2012! No staged moments, just the laid-back party you want, and photos afterwards that make you feel lucky to be this loved. We believe that when you’re this happy, photos don’t need to be staged. We’re organized and on it – because you have enough on your plate. You bring the joy, we’ll bring the cameras. Fotomaki Photography was founded in 2012 to stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. Oh no wait, that’s Buffy.

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Top Wedding Tips

If you plan on leaving prep at 12pm tell everyone it's 11.30am that way everyone will be ready for 12pm!

Cut off all your tags before the wedding morning. This saves SO much time. Shoe stickers too!

Everything will run at least 30 mins late. Just embrace it.


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Colourful, fun, alternative wedding photography duo, Glasgow based, Scotland wide. Visit us at ?


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UKbride Approved Supplier

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136 Ralston Avenue, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA1 3BT

Fotomaki Photography

  • 136 Ralston Avenue
  • Paisley
  • Renfrewshire
  • PA1 3BT
  • United Kingdom

Meet the Key Person

Image of Key Person Sarah Craig
Sarah Craig

Sarah is the chosen one (principal photographer). She likes foxes, peanut butter, and asking lots of questions. She photographs every wedding with a second photographer (often Kristeen, the crazy cat lady), and relishes making clients’ lives easier.