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Wedding Forum - Where to store my dress??...

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    • Sainuk
      Posted: Sep 18th 2016
    Hi I'm getting married in June 2018 and I found my wedding dress. It was on offer so I've gone and bought it even though our wedding isn't for another 20 months. The bridal store have kindly said that they would keep the dress till the day before the wedding (I can take it away to be altered and return it to them for safe keeping) when it will be ready for collection all steamed and ready for the day at no extra cost. I think this is a great idea but my fiancé is against it worrying that some thing might happen to the dress/ bridal store (they've been in business for over 25 years). We have wedding insurance in place.

    So I have a couple of questions for you lovely brides past and present
    1) would you store your dress at the bridal store?
    2) wedding insurance says dress is covered up to £5000 so am I only insured for the amount I spent or more if some thing happened and I only had short notice to find a replacement?
    • LauraH813
      Posted: Sep 18th 2016
    Hiya, in answer to your questions I'm sure your dress would be safe at the Bridal store. If they were to go out of business, as the one I purchased mine from did, then as you have paid for your dress it is your property, not their stock, and they would have to contact you and let you know to collect it. I guess if you are worried about anything else such as fire or theft, which is unlikely to happen, then you do have insurance.
    The insurance will only cover the actual cost of the dress. Though it is possible if you found yourself having to find a new one at short notice they may cover the extra cost of a rush order. You'd have to check with them.
    I have mine at home since I don't have the option of leaving it with the shop. Too be honest I'd probably have brought it home anyway.
    • OlyaM
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2016
    And I would keep the dress at home. As for me, I would feel more calmly if the dress would be at home, so I can check it anytime I want it.
    • StephanieM158
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2016
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    I kept mine at the store until the week beforehand. x

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    • Flossie
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2016
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    I kept mine at the bridal store and collected it about 4 weeks before the wedding... I would feel a bit iffy about collecting it just the day before the wedding, maybe ask them if you can collect it a week or so before? I felt better knowing it was somewhere safe and I got all my alterations done in-house too so it was just easier than carting it around, plus I didn't have the space for it at home.

    If they have been in business for 25 years then I doubt they'll be going anywhere, and as said above, you would have already bought and paid for your dress so it wouldn't be their property.

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    • Mrs Jones
      CommentAuthorMrs Jones
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Sep 22nd 2016
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    I kept mine at the bridal store too and collected it 3 days before the wedding. I didn't want it hanging up for too long in the flat and I couldn't store it at my parents' house as they have my sister and 4 year old niece living with them at the moment so they are cramped for space.

    If they were going out of business, they would let you know and wouldn't just close and not give you your dress!

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