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Wedding Forum - When is too soon to send out your Save The...

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    • PaigeBlack
      Getting married in 3 months
      Posted: Feb 11th 2019
    Hi everyone! I've finally booked my venue and registrar for the 25th of November 2020. I'm DIYing my own save the dates and invites so I'm wanting to get started and make them while i have spare time and can enjoy doing them. But I will be left with piles of invites and save the dates! I think I'll leave the invites till about next year, But i was wondering, when is too soon to send them out?To me, the sooner you send them out the more chance you have of people not booking anything to do on your day, but everything I've read and my sister also said that you should send them out nearer to the date. I'm a young bride (22) and I also have Aspergers so planning is getting super confusing.

    Any advice is welcome! Thanks!
    • RachaelT90
      Got married 7 weeks ago
      Posted: Feb 11th 2019
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    Hi Paige and welcome :)

    We're getting married in May 2020 and sending Save the Dates out next month. That's mainly because our date falls on a bank holiday and just before half term so like you said we want to give enough warning so people don't book holidays etc.

    Our actual invites will go out early next year.

    There is no hard and fast rule. I've heard of people sending them out 18 months before and others 6 months! I guess the risk with sending them too early is people may misplace them/forget or you may even change your mind about who to invite!

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    • LauraN5667
      Got married 2 weeks ago
      Posted: Feb 11th 2019
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    I will be sending our save the dates this month. We are not getting married until July 2020 but the wedding will be in Italy so we want to give plenty of notice for our guests to save up!
    • Itsjustkay86
      Got married 17 months ago
      Posted: Feb 13th 2019
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    Hi Paige!

    I get married in February 2020 and I made Save the dates for the wedding and used them as decorations at my engagement party. So i kind of cheated as I didn't have to pay postage etc on anything. hehe :)

    I'm currently still in the process of making my invitations as I'm doing it all myself. Hopefully going to get them out mid/end march with an RSVP by 31st December. I don't think its ever too early to send out save the dates. My cousin sent hers out in 2015 and then her wedding invites in 2016 for a 2017 wedding so there is honestly no rule for them in my opinion. It's whatever feels most comfortable for you :)
    • PaigeBlack
      Getting married in 3 months
      Posted: Feb 14th 2019
    Thanks guys! I think I'm gonna stick to my plan of getting them out this year. Ive made mine into fridge magnets so hopefully no one will lose them, We found mangentic tape in Poundland so just stuck a piece to the back and now their a fridge magnet!

    Im really over exited too and really enjoying doing the planning. I hope you are too :D
    • Hayley
      Getting married in 3 weeks
      Posted: Feb 28th 2019
    It really does not matter we sent ours Dec 2018 and getting married Aug 2020. We sent them with xmas cards to save money
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