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Wedding Forum - What is a 'Provisonal Ceremony booking'?...

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    • LeonnieG65
      Getting married in 10 months
      Posted: May 25th 2021
    Can any one help. Me and my fiance have just paid £34 pounds to fingers crossed book our ceremony date and time. We will hear back within 30 days.

    It says on our council's website that we can't book to give marriage notice until 20 weeks before our date, but that the ceremony will be confirmed once we have given notice. But for residents living in Wakefield and those who's ceremony is booked more than 20 weeks away, you cant book your appointment to give notice until 20 weeks before the date of your ceremony. It also says you have upto 28 days before your ceremony to give notice.
    I'm wondering what have we paid this for, scared that weve booked this date and wont get to marry then as its still 8 months away from the date we 'provisional booked' and to the date we can give notice to marry.
    It's so confusing it's like you can't do one without the other. Super stressed out. Other half is struggling with this part too. Our family either dont get it either or are too slow repliers for the understanding we need.

    Does it mean they will hold the date and time (if available) and await us giving notice of marriage within the time period. If we do it will go ahead, if we don't it won't?
    Please help me!! Can some one put this is in simple terms for me to easily understand ha!

    Thank you very kindly in advance!!!

    This is my first time planning a wedding, or a major event actually, and it's my own wedding, I want to go as smooth as possible but struggling with understand this part ha! Xxx
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