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    • Charlotte93
      Getting married in 9 months
      Posted: May 14th 2019
    Is anyone planning/has planned to get married abroad? Any tips or things you wish you had known?
    • VallyK
      Got married 2 weeks ago
      Posted: Jul 13th 2019
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    We decided to get married in this we will invite only our closest family members.The most important part is to book a venue and a wedding planner.Can´t explain how perfect our planner was from the beginning until now! She takes the stress away and replies all your questions.
    • JulieW354
      Got married 5 months ago
      Posted: Jul 15th 2019
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    That's exactly what I did. Me and my partner planned our whole wedding in the UK and it came to around 25k but as the date got closer we realised we could put the money to better use so instead, we started from scratch. I even swapped my engagement ring and opted for something cheaper but just as lovely and got one of these engagement rings:

    Instead, we took a huge chunk out the mortgage and got married in Spain! best decision ever!
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