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    • Andrea2bLudlow
      CommentAuthorAndrea2bLudlowGetting married in 7 months
      CommentTimeMay 16th 2018
    Would like some idea of timing to get our wedding rings please. We get married in August 2019 abroad. Tia.
    • StaceyH989
      CommentAuthorStaceyH989Got married 7 months ago
      CommentTimeMay 16th 2018
    It all depends on what rings you would like to go for. Some are directly available in stores and others take weeks to arrive. I would advise to start shopping around three months before so if they do need to be ordered in you have plenty of time before they arrive.
    • InDreamland
      CommentAuthorInDreamlandGot married 5 years ago
      CommentTimeMay 16th 2018
    Agree with Stacey.

    Ours were commissioned, made to personal specifications rather than bought from a high street jeweller. Designed and ordered in February for our May wedding.

    Married the love of my life on Saturday 11th May 2013 xxx
    Had our dream perfect honeymoon in Hawaii!

    • Andrea2bLudlow
      CommentAuthorAndrea2bLudlowGetting married in 7 months
      CommentTimeJun 1st 2018
    Thank you everyone
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