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    • CharlotteW3326
      Got married 15 months ago
      Posted: Dec 1st 2017
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    Hey Everyone,

    I got engaged last week and Fiance and I have a few venues lined up to go and have a look at next week. We are looking to have a civil ceremony but I want to have a ceremony with a bit more meaning than a typical civil ceremony but not so much as a church wedding. This is because I am Catholic but my other half isn't so it is a nice in the middle.

    Does anyone even know if it is even possible to get a lay preacher to carry out a civil ceremony or does it have to be a registrar?

    Thanks :)
    Charlotte x
    • InDreamland
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Dec 7th 2017
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    Civil ceremonies cannot have anything remotely religious in them. Not even a reading or use of one word. They're very strict about it so you'd probably have to have a registrar who will check all readings and songs/music before the big day x

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