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    • RachelE293
      Posted: Oct 24th 2016
    Me and my H2B would really like a band but they're all WAY over budget. We wouldn't mind a DJ if we knew it wouldn't be school disco like, we don't want shouting down the microphone every two seconds, Macarena etc. Anyone got any suggestions for finding cheaper bands (we also need something for ceremony!) or making sure the DJ will be okay? How much has everyone else paid for a band? X
    • EmmaM1435
      Got married 28 months ago
      Posted: Oct 24th 2016
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    I was exactly the same as you, I didn't want all those sorts of songs, we just said to our DJ that if he plays any of those songs he wouldn't get paid. He was actually fine with it as he hates playing all that stuff. Alternatively you could look for a DJ who accepts playlists, then you can ask your guests for a song choice each, and add your favourite songs/bands/genres, that way you have overall say regarding the music
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