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    • DinaT71
      Posted: Apr 4th 2018
    Hi everyone :)

    We are just in the process of making our wedding invitations. They are pocketfolds.
    We are stuggling with what to include as we feel we have already put alot on there.

    Also when do we send them out? Our Wedding is 6th October and we need to give menu choices to venue 4 weeks beforehand.

    So far we have:
    The main invite part on one side of the pocketfold with : our names, venue and time
    Information: Directions, accomodation and Gift list information
    Menu: 3 choice 3 course meal for them to choose
    RSVP: address and email address and a box to fill in meal choices etc.

    Does this sound like enough information or should we put more? Our accomodation isn't cheap which is a problem - its £180 a room a night. we are trying to get the hotel to do it for £150 but its a spa hotel and there is an event in the area the same weekend....

    Thanks a bunch!!!!
    • StaceyH989
      Got married 32 months ago
      Posted: Apr 5th 2018
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    Hi Dina,

    Invites go out 3-6 months ahead of the wedding if your hotel has an event within the same weekend I would advise 6 months so your guests can book rooms.

    The information you have is exactly what you need to include your not missing anything.

    Is the £180 price discounted at all, normally venues with accommodation would offer the guests staying for the wedding discounted rates.
    • DinaT71
      Posted: Apr 6th 2018
    Thank you :)

    The £180 is what you can get the rooms for online, so no not reduced. But the on the day cost is £220!!!

    We spoke to them awhile back and they said they could do 5 rooms for £150 the only issue is we don't want to add all the rooms to our account and they don't end up getting booked....

    I was going to try asking if we set a specific date like if wedding guests phone by 15th of July then could they get the rooms for less. Then they know how many rooms they are filling ect.

    Also how much info from the above do we include on evening invites - we wasn't going to do pocketfold
    • StaceyH989
      Got married 32 months ago
      Posted: Apr 9th 2018
      Is poweruserJust marriedBadgeBadge
    With the invites for the evening just the location and your gifts information and then rsvp.
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