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Wedding Forum - Wedding Dress - M0ri L33 (Help)...

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    • SavannaMay
      Posted: Feb 14th 2016
    I've just started looking at wedding dresses and I've found one I absolutely love, it's a M0r! l33dress but in the shops I've seen it in the prices it's being offered at have like a £500 difference so I was wondering if there's any easy way to find the dress for the cheapest price or if anyone knows how much a M0r! L33 2787 SHOULD usually cost or if anyone knows a dress that resembles it (or the 5406, 2674 (sorry I don't know how to add pictures)) and is cheaper. (Basically a ballgown type dress with ivory lace overlay on the skirt, preferably atop a different gold toned colour)

    I've seen prices from £1900 to £1400 so far so it's a bit confusing, I don't want to be paying more than I should.

    • CommentAuthorSamanthaW362
      Posted: Feb 14th 2016
    hmmm... maybe you can search on some forum, maybe they have want sell it with sale or second price.
    or you can go to the tailor with the design to make it
    • JennK
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Feb 14th 2016
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    It probably depends on the style, My m0ri l33 was £1250, but more simple ones were around £800. You can also get some bargains in sample sales which might explain some price variations you may have seen.

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    • Mrs Jones
      CommentAuthorMrs Jones
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Feb 15th 2016
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    You might be able to negotiate and say you've seen it for x elsewhere and could they price match.

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    • MrsA2B
      Posted: Mar 4th 2016
    I found my dress 250 miles away from where I live so buying it from that bridal shop was not going to be convenient. I found a couple of local shops that stocked the designer and called them for prices. The first shop that I called were including free alterations for all dresses bought within that month. I called the second shop who offered it at a slightly cheaper price and then negotiated with them to include free alterations (up to £200). I ended up getting my dress £500 cheaper than the shop where I tried it on (taking in to account alteration charges)

    Both of the local shops that I called didn't actually stock the dress, but they were able to order it in because they stocked some of the designers other dresses. Would definitely advise calling a few shops and negotiating on price. Hope this helps xx
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