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    • AlexT88
      CommentTimeMay 12th 2017

    I'm in the process of looking for my wedding dress.

    I'm not wanting to spend ridiculous amounts of money on it!

    Does anyone know where i could get a reasonably priced dress from?

    Thanks :)
    • TheNewMrsBarrett
      CommentAuthorTheNewMrsBarrettGot married 23 months ago
      CommentTimeMay 13th 2017
    Hi Alex, I suppose it depends on how much you think is a reasonable price lol. Depending on how soon your big day is, you try looking at whether any bridal boutiques near you are having a sale day soon, most do these and sell off their sample dresses at good prices. I'd recommend W3d2b3, they have several shops around the country and they have dresses ranging from £99 - £599. I bought mine from them You could also try looking to see if there are outlet shops too, their prices are usually pretty reasonable too xx
    • InDreamland
      CommentAuthorInDreamlandGot married 4 years ago
      CommentTimeMay 14th 2017
    How much is reasonable for you? When is your big day?

    Married the love of my life on Saturday 11th May 2013 xxx
    Had our dream perfect honeymoon in Hawaii!

    • AlexT88
      CommentTimeMay 15th 2017 edited
    I have loads of time. It's not until October next year.
    I have looked in ****w3d to 83 tried some on. Was just thinking about broadening my search.
    I don't really want to spend over £1000 on my dress in total. (I will need alterations too cause I'm only 5'1)
    Thanks :)

    • StaceyH989
      CommentAuthorStaceyH989Getting married in 7 months
      CommentTimeMay 15th 2017 edited
    Hi Alex,

    I have my dress for next May, the length will need altering and the cost will be around £80. Try your local bridal stores too the average dress costs around £850 and they will also do sample sales too. Try book of face too as there are plenty of brides selling brand new dresses for bargain prices too.
    • InDreamland
      CommentAuthorInDreamlandGot married 4 years ago
      CommentTimeMay 15th 2017
    Same height as me. Luckily the only alteration I had to my dress was the length which cost me £60.

    If you have a £1k budget that's very healthy and you'll easily find a dress, especially if in a sample sale. Check out local bridal boutiques as many have a sale rail and also will have end of season sample sale events.

    You're lucky you have time on your side x

    Married the love of my life on Saturday 11th May 2013 xxx
    Had our dream perfect honeymoon in Hawaii!

    • Glitterfairy
      CommentAuthorGlitterfairyGot married 5 years ago
      CommentTimeMay 16th 2017
    It is always worth checking your local bridal shops, sometimes they have flash sales, or you might actually find a dress there that is perfect for a reasonable price tag.

    Our wedding day - 6 October 2012

    • Emily17
      CommentAuthorEmily17Got married 12 days ago
      CommentTimeMay 19th 2017
    Try local bridal shops. That budget is very reasonable. Try to haggle alterations included!

    Met in 2009
    He proposed Jan 2014
    Will become Mrs P 7th October 2017
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