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Wedding Forum - Wedding Apps, are they any good? Any...

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    • PeterG61
      Got married 34 months ago
      Posted: Oct 24th 2017
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    Hey, my fiance and I have been engaged a few months now and I want to help out with the planning and as im quite a techy guy I thought about some sort of app.

    I was wondering if anyone has used apps and whether they have any recommendations. I’m an Android user and I have seen ones such as:

    [links removed as not permitted on the forum board]

    Has anyone used these / know if they are any good? Or have any other suggestions?

    • LaurenK103
      Posted: Oct 24th 2017
    Hi Peter

    I haven't used any but would be keen to have your feedback if you do start to use any.


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    • Tiffany
      Got married 31 months ago
      Posted: Oct 24th 2017
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    I've tried loads and haven't found any I like.

    I've took to making spreadsheet through an app and using them.
    • Emily17
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Oct 26th 2017
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    I tried a few early on in my planning. I gave up on them and planning books.

    They felt too generic.

    I made myself a folder and excel file with all my ideas etc in and that was so much more useful

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