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    • CharlotteB2257
      Getting married in 19 months
      Posted: Nov 8th 2020
    Hi everyone! I’m getting married in Cyprus and planning on having a reception style party when we return back to the UK, I’m planning on wearing my wedding dress and the bridesmaids to wear their dresses (might as well get the use out of them) I want to send out invitations for the party but not sure what to actually say on the invitation as it’s not an invite for the actually wedding and just sort of a celebration, anyone got any ideas for me??
    • LuluM22
      Getting married in 8 months
      Posted: Nov 11th 2020

    Yes. Cyprus wedding for me!!! Oct 21. So excited!!!
    Maybe you could put mr and mrs ? Would like to to join them for a celebration get together after they arrive back from Cyprus.

    Just an idea.

    Exciting times!!! Where do you get married in Cyprus? Lulu.
    • LeanneR640
      Getting married in 18 months
      Posted: 1 day ago
    I have just put celebration of marriage on my Save the dates and invites i designed
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