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Wedding Forum - Venue/times/no sit down meal...

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    • SB405
      Getting married in 1 month
      Posted: Jan 14th 2020
    Hi all, hoping for some advice, first time posting so a couple of things...

    Looking for a laid back, country pub type venue for our wedding, but must also have a marriage licence, in the Birmingham area. Will be 90 guests.

    We are not really looking for a sit down meal or speeches and want something very relaxed. Currently thinking a late wedding, 3/4pm, then possibly pizza/bbq food trucks with lots of drinking and dancing. Possibly fish & chips/buffett/bacon rolls around 10pm. We wont be having any additional night time guests and everyone will be invited to the ceremony. What are peoples thoughts on this? Any opinions would be much appreciated?

    We are very much a relaxed couple and the sit down meal wouldnt really be us, plus i dont want a big fuss with speeches and everyone looking at me!! We just want our guests to enjoy the day as much as us.

    Thanks x
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